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Lab Testing

Melt Flow

Importance: Crucial for determining melt viscosity and flow behavior, key in manufacturing and quality control.
Client Service: We welcome materials from our clients for precise melt viscosity testing, ensuring their products meet industry standards.

Notched Izod

Significance: Predicts material behavior under impact stress, crucial for high-impact applications.
Custom Testing: Clients can send us their samples to ascertain toughness, vital for products expected to withstand impact.

Ash Content

Purpose: Key to verifying polymer purity and understanding additive proportions.
Comprehensive Analysis: Whether it’s our product or a client’s sample, we provide accurate filler content analysis to ensure material integrity.


Relevance: Essential for ensuring fire resistance in construction, electrical, and automotive sectors.
External Testing Services: Clients are encouraged to utilize our services to test their materials for critical fire resistance properties.


Importance: Helps in understanding the load-bearing capacity and durability of the plastic.
Client-Submitted Samples: Our testing services are available for client-supplied materials, ensuring their products can withstand necessary stresses.


Purpose: Determines flexibility and bend strength, important for materials that must endure bending or flexing.
Versatile Testing Options: We invite clients to send in their plastic samples for comprehensive flexural strength analysis, crucial for products facing bending forces.

Whether it’s custom testing for client-provided materials or rigorous assessments of our own products, our lab is equipped to deliver accurate answers and unmatched reliability across all tests.

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