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Robotics & Automation

Kasha Industries is at the forefront of the robotics and automation industry, providing advanced plastic solutions that enhance the performance and durability of robotic and automated systems.

Plastic Solutions for Robotics & Automation

Featured Services for Robotics & Automation

Featured Plastic Products for Robotics & Automation

High-Quality Plastic Resins for Custom Applications

  • Robot Casings: For durability and impact resistance in mobile and industrial robots.
  • Protective Covers: Shields for sensitive parts of machinery and robotic arms.
  • Controller Housings: Enclosures for handheld or stationary control units.
  • Mounting Brackets: For sensors and accessories on robotic systems.
  • Cable Management Systems: Organizing and protecting wiring within robotic frameworks.
  • Interface Panels: For user interaction points on machinery and robots.
  • Transparent Robot Casings: Allowing visibility into the robot’s internal mechanisms.
  • Protective Guards: Clear shields for safety in automation equipment and robotic workstations.
  • Inspection Windows: For process monitoring within automated systems.
  • Light Covers: Durable and clear covers for LED lights on robots.
  • Operator Interfaces: Screens and display covers that require clarity and durability.
  • High-Impact Structural Components: For parts requiring strength and resilience.
  • Precision Gears: For smooth operation and durability in robotic transmissions.
  • Internal Components: Bearings, rollers, and sliders that require precision and low friction.
  • Actuator Parts: Components within actuators for precise movement control.
  • Connector Components: Durable connectors for modular robotics and automation systems.
  • Feed Rollers: In automated printers and scanning equipment for consistent paper movement.
  • Robotic Arms Joints: For their stiffness and wear resistance, ensuring reliable operation.
  • Gears and Sprockets: For mechanical parts requiring dimensional stability and resistance to wear.
  • Electrical Connectors: Due to its good electrical insulation and heat resistance.
  • Sensor Housings: Protecting sensors in harsh environments within automated systems.
  • Switch Components: For switches and buttons on control panels, offering durability.
  • Cable Insulation: For wiring that requires protection against heat and abrasion.
  • Drive Belts: Components in robotics and automation equipment needing strength and flexibility.
  • Structural Components: For parts requiring rigidity and stability under thermal stress.
  • High-performance Insulators: In electrical and thermal management systems.
  • Enclosures for Electronic Assemblies: Protecting electronic components from heat and environmental factors.
  • Cooling System Components: For parts in thermal management systems within automated equipment.
  • Bearing and Bushings: In high-temperature areas where low friction and wear resistance are crucial.
  • Framework Components: Supporting structures for automated systems and robots that demand dimensional stability.

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Enhance your robotics and automation projects with Kasha Industries. Contact us for advanced plastic solutions that drive technological progress.