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Marine & Aquaculture

Kasha Industries specializes in providing high-quality plastics for the marine and aquaculture sectors. Our materials are engineered to withstand challenging marine conditions, ensuring longevity and performance in maritime equipment and aquaculture infrastructure.

Plastic Solutions for Marine & Aquaculture

Featured Services for Marine & Aquaculture

Featured Plastic Products for Marine & Aquaculture

High-Quality Plastic Resins for Custom Applications

  • Marine Ropes: For mooring, towing, and securing due to its strength and resistance to water absorption.
  • Aquaculture Nets: Used for fish farming enclosures, offering durability and resistance to biofouling.
  • Buoys and Fenders: For impact resistance and buoyancy in marine navigation and boat protection.
  • Containers and Baskets: For handling and storing catch in aquaculture and fishing operations.
  • Decking Surfaces: Non-slip surfaces for safety in wet conditions.
  • Protective Gear: Durable and water-resistant clothing and equipment for marine work.
  • Fishing Nets: Lightweight and resistant to degradation from saltwater and sunlight.
  • Marine Buoys: Durable and resilient markers for marine navigation.
  • Water Tanks: For fresh water or waste on boats and in aquaculture systems.
  • Kayaks and Small Boats: Due to its impact resistance and buoyancy.
  • Aquaculture Cages: Floating structures for fish or shellfish farming.
  • Pipes and Tubing: For water transport and drainage in marine settings.
  • Instrument Panels: Clear and durable panels for gauges and navigation equipment.
  • Window Glazing: For boats and yachts, providing safety and clear visibility.
  • Lighting Fixtures: Durable housings for marine lighting systems.
  • Protective Covers: Shields for equipment and instruments against impact and weather.
  • Interior Components: For cabins and cockpits, where strength and aesthetics are needed.
  • Safety Equipment: Helmets and visors for marine safety applications.
  • Dashboard Components: In boats and ships, for their aesthetic finish and durability.
  • Housing for Marine Electronics: GPS devices, fish finders, and radios.
  • Interior Trim: For cabins, offering a balance of toughness and lightweight.
  • Seat Bases and Frames: Providing strength and resistance to the marine environment.
  • Door Handles and Fittings: Durable and resistant to corrosion.
  • Protective Casings: For safety equipment and tools used on board.
  • Structural Components: In boats and marine structures, for their high strength and resistance to saltwater.
  • Pump and Valve Parts: For their dimensional stability and resistance to chemicals.
  • Electrical Insulation: For wiring and electrical components in wet and salty conditions.
  • Helm Stations: Durable and resistant to weathering and UV exposure.
  • Marine Hardware: Fixtures and fittings that require durability without corrosion.
  • Underwater Components: Parts exposed to high pressure and corrosive conditions.

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Enhance your marine and aquaculture projects with Kasha Industries’ high-performance plastics. Contact us for materials that excel in maritime conditions.