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Sports & Recreation

In the sports and recreation industry, Kasha Industries delivers durable and versatile plastic solutions. Our materials are designed to enhance the performance and safety of sports equipment and recreational products.

Plastic Solutions for Sports & Recreation

Featured Services for Sports & Recreation

Featured Plastic Products for Sports & Recreation

High-Quality Plastic Resins for Custom Applications

  • Sports Equipment Casings: For items like helmets, body protectors, and racquet frames.
  • Protective Gear: Including shin guards, elbow pads, and knee pads.
  • Recreational Items: Such as snowboards, skateboards, and scooter parts.
  • Fitness Equipment: Handles and frames that require durability and comfort.
  • Outdoor Gear: For camping products and accessories needing lightweight and durability.
  • Water Sports Equipment: Components for kayaks, canoes, and paddles.
  • Grips and Handles: For bicycles, racquets, and fitness equipment, providing comfort and non-slip properties.
  • Protective Gear: Soft padding in helmets, gloves, and guards for shock absorption.
  • Shoe Soles: For athletic and recreational footwear, offering flexibility and durability.
  • Seals and Gaskets: In water-resistant watches and equipment.
  • Exercise Bands and Mats: For fitness and yoga, offering elasticity and durability.
  • Waterproof Seals: For outdoor and aquatic sports equipment.
  • Protective Visors and Goggles: For eye protection in helmets and eyewear, offering clarity and impact resistance.
  • Water Bottles: Durable and safe for sports and outdoor activities.
  • High-strength Components: In bicycles, climbing gear, and protective equipment.
  • Helmet Shells: For their lightweight and high-impact resistance.
  • Lanterns and Flashlights: For outdoor recreation, requiring durability and clarity.
  • Sports Watches and Devices: Casings that are tough and resistant to impact.
  • Wear-resistant Parts: In fitness equipment and machinery, like pulleys and bearings.
  • Sports Apparel: Reinforcements in high-stress areas for durability and flexibility.
  • Ropes and Netting: For climbing, fishing, and safety applications.
  • Backpack Frames: Providing strength and flexibility for outdoor gear.
  • Footwear Components: Such as cleats and insole reinforcements.
  • Bicycle Components: Gears, bearings, and structural parts requiring strength and wear resistance.
  • High-impact Sports Equipment: Protective gear and accessories that require superior impact resistance.
  • Structural Components: In bicycles, scooters, and other recreational vehicles for their stability and toughness.
  • Recreational Vehicle Parts: Components that need to withstand environmental stresses and impacts.
  • Hockey Sticks: Blends with other materials for improved performance and durability.
  • Fitness Machine Components: For structural parts that demand strength and stability under load.
  • Outdoor Equipment Housings: For electronics and devices used in sports and recreation, offering protection and durability.

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Elevate your sports and recreation products with Kasha Industries. Contact us for durable and high-performance plastic solutions.