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Food & Beverage

In the food and beverage industry, Kasha Industries provides top-quality, food-safe plastics. Our products ensure safety and reliability, from packaging to containers and utensils.

Plastic Solutions for Food & Beverage

Featured Services for Food & Beverage

Featured Plastic Products for Food & Beverage

High-Quality Plastic Resins for Custom Applications

  • Food Containers: For hot and cold foods, offering a safe, microwaveable option.
  • Packaging Materials: Films, bags, and wraps for fresh and processed foods.
  • Caps and Lids: For bottles and containers, ensuring a tight seal.
  • Cutlery and Utensils: Durable and safe for food contact.
  • Measuring Cups: For their clarity and measurement accuracy.
  • Beverage Bottles: Especially for non-carbonated drinks, due to its chemical resistance.
  • Bottles: For milk, water, and juice, offering flexibility and durability.
  • Food Bags: For storage and freezer applications, resistant to cracking at low temperatures.
  • Shrink Wrap: For securing food items during transport.
  • Closures: For sealing containers tightly to maintain freshness.
  • Squeeze Bottles: For condiments and other liquid foods.
  • Cutting Boards: For their durability and resistance to moisture.
  • Beverage Dispensers: For their clarity and impact resistance.
  • Reusable Water Bottles: Due to their durability and safety for drinking.
  • Food Processor Bowls: For their strength and heat resistance.
  • Measuring Devices: Offering clear visibility and accuracy.
  • Machinery Shields: Transparent protection for food processing machinery.
  • Bulk Food Containers: For storage and display of bulk foods with clarity.
  • Conveyor Parts: In food processing, for their low friction and wear resistance.
  • Gears and Rollers: In beverage dispensing systems, for their precision and durability.
  • Pump Components: For their strength and resistance to solvents.
  • Valves and Fittings: Within food processing equipment, for their leak-proof properties.
  • Knife Handles: For their strength and resistance to moisture.
  • Quick Connectors: For tubing in beverage machines, ensuring a secure fit.
  • Food Processing Equipment Components: For their heat resistance and dimensional stability.
  • Handles and Knobs: On cooking devices, resistant to heat and degradation.
  • Structural Components: In high-temperature areas of food processing plants.
  • Microwave Cookware: Due to its low moisture absorption and thermal stability.
  • Electrical Insulators: For kitchen appliances, ensuring safety and functionality.
  • Filter Housings: In water purification systems, for their chemical and thermal resistance.

Custom Solutions and Capabilities

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Benefits of Choosing Kasha Industries

Elevate your food and beverage offerings with Kasha Industries. Contact us for safe, reliable, and quality plastic solutions.