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Textile & Fashion Industry

Kasha Industries is revolutionizing the textile and fashion industry with innovative plastic materials. Our products offer versatility, durability, and style, essential for the ever-evolving fashion world.

Plastic Solutions for Textile & Fashion Industry

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Featured Plastic Products for Textile & Fashion Industry

High-Quality Plastic Resins for Custom Applications

  • Apparel: Widely used in manufacturing garments such as activewear, swimwear, and intimate apparel, where stretchability and strength are desired.
  • Hosiery: Ideal for producing durable and comfortable stockings, tights, and socks.
  • Fashion Accessories: Used in crafting fashion details like decorative trims, laces, and ribbons that require flexibility and durability.
  • Outdoor Gear: Applied in the production of performance-oriented outdoor apparel, including waterproof jackets and windbreakers.
  • Footwear: For parts of shoes that require abrasion resistance and flexibility, such as insoles and outer fabrics.
  • Home Textiles: Utilized in upholstery fabrics and draperies for its wear resistance and aesthetic appeal.
  • High-Performance Fabrics: Employed in the creation of technical and outdoor apparel that requires superior durability and resistance to environmental conditions.
  • Luxury Fashion Accessories: Preferred for high-end fashion items such as premium handbags, wallets, and belts due to its strength and fine texture.
  • Protective Clothing: Used in manufacturing safety and protective clothing for industrial and sports applications, providing abrasion resistance and toughness.
  • Automotive Textiles: Selected for automotive upholstery and airbag fabrics because of its high thermal stability and durability.
  • Sports Equipment: Incorporated into the production of durable sports accessories, including backpacks, tents, and parachutes.
  • Footwear Components: Applied in high-stress areas of sports and outdoor shoes for enhanced durability and performance.
  • Non-woven Materials: For hygiene products, medical textiles, and disposable garments, offering breathability and fluid resistance.
  • Packaging: Bags, wrappers, and protective coverings for garments and textiles during transport and storage.
  • Carpets and Rugs: In areas requiring stain resistance and durability.
  • Fashion Accessories: Lightweight components such as buttons and fasteners.
  • Geotextiles: For fashion-related applications in landscape and interior design.
  • Wall Coverings: Durable and easy-to-clean options for retail and exhibition spaces.
  • Protective Garment Packaging: Wrapping and covers that protect textiles during shipping and storage.
  • Tote Bags and Shopping Bags: Reusable and durable alternatives to traditional shopping bags.
  • Protective Covers: For high-end fashion items, ensuring water-resistance and durability.
  • Textile Handling and Storage: Bins and containers that are lightweight and durable.
  • Display Materials: For visual merchandising and fashion exhibitions.
  • Fashion Accessories: Components that require lightweight and water-resistant properties.
  • Textile Machinery Components: Gears, bearings, and nozzles that require high precision and resistance to wear and heat.
  • Synthetic Fibers: For specialty fabrics that benefit from PBT’s elasticity and heat resistance.
  • Buttons and Fasteners: Durable and resistant to chemicals and heat, ideal for high-performance apparel.
  • Zippers: Teeth and sliders that require strength, durability, and smooth operation.
  • Sewing Thread: High-strength threads for industrial and heavy-duty textile applications.
  • Fabric Coatings: Providing enhanced properties like water repellency and UV resistance.

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Elevate your fashion creations with Kasha Industries’ innovative plastics. Contact us to explore materials that combine fashion with functionality.