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Kasha Industries is a leader in the telecommunications industry, offering innovative plastic solutions that support the infrastructure of global connectivity. Our commitment to innovation and quality delivers materials that meet the unique challenges of telecommunications applications.

Plastic Solutions for Telecommunications

Featured Services for Telecommunications

Featured Plastic Products for Telecommunications

High-Quality Plastic Resins for Custom Applications

  • Handset Casings: For telephones and walkie-talkies, providing durability and a good surface finish.
  • Router and Modem Housings: Offering impact resistance and protection for internal components.
  • Connector Blocks: Due to their good electrical insulation properties.
  • Cable Ducts and Trays: For organizing and protecting cables in telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Mounting Brackets: For securing devices and equipment.
  • Enclosures for Network Equipment: Protecting sensitive components from physical impact and environmental conditions.
  • Optical Fiber Connectors: For their clarity, precision, and impact resistance.
  • Network Connection Boxes: Transparent covers allow for visibility while offering protection.
  • Protective Covers for Antennas: Resisting impact and weather conditions in outdoor applications.
  • Smartphone Screens: For their high clarity and resistance to impact.
  • Signal Repeaters and Booster Housings: Ensuring durability and resistance to temperature variations.
  • Lighting Fixtures for Telecom Towers: Providing high impact resistance and clarity.
  • Cable Connectors and Junctions: For their excellent electrical insulation and mechanical strength.
  • Component Housings: Protecting sensitive electronics from environmental stress.
  • Fiber Optic Components: Due to their stability and resistance to chemicals.
  • Switchgear Components: For electrical switches and relays in telecommunications networks.
  • Terminal Blocks: Offering high heat resistance and electrical insulation.
  • Keyboard Keys: For communication devices, providing durability and resistance to wear.
  • Telecommunications Equipment Casings: Combining aesthetic appeal with functionality and durability.
  • Router and Switch Housings: Offering a balance of impact resistance and aesthetic quality.
  • Portable Communication Devices: Ensuring durability and a high-quality finish.
  • Server Rack Doors: Providing visibility and protection for server components.
  • Instrument Panels and Displays: For control systems in telecommunications facilities.
  • Protective Enclosures: For outdoor telecommunications equipment, offering enhanced weather and UV resistance.
  • Cable Insulation: For copper and fiber optic cables, providing excellent electrical insulation and moisture resistance.
  • Protective Sheathing: For cables and wires, preventing physical damage and moisture ingress.
  • Ducting: For underground and aerial cable installations, protecting cables from environmental stress.
  • Wrapping Tapes: For bundling and protecting cables during installation.
  • Splice Closures: Sealing cable joints and terminations against moisture and environmental contaminants.
  • Flexible Tubing: For protecting and organizing cables within devices and equipment.
  • Chemical Resistant Components: For parts exposed to harsh substances.
  • Flexible Cable Conduit: Protecting wiring in dynamic or movable fixtures.
  • Insulating Layers in Coaxial Cables: Offering excellent dielectric properties.
  • Battery Casings: For backup power systems, providing chemical resistance and durability.
  • Mounting Hardware: For cable and antenna installations, ensuring flexibility and durability.
  • Fiber Distribution Frames: Organizing fiber optic cables with components that require low moisture absorption and high chemical resistance.

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Elevate your telecommunications infrastructure with Kasha Industries. Contact us for advanced plastic solutions that lead the industry.