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Automotive Industry

Kasha Industries stands at the forefront of providing advanced plastic solutions for the automotive industry. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures materials that meet the unique demands of automotive manufacturing.

Plastic Solutions for Automotive Industry

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Featured Plastic Products for Automotive Industry

High-Quality Plastic Resins for Custom Applications

  • Dashboards and Instrument Panels: For their aesthetic appeal and durability.
  • Door Handles and Trim: Offering good tactile properties and impact resistance.
  • Console Components: Due to their ability to be precisely molded and finished.
  • Air Vents and HVAC Components: For their rigidity and ease of assembly.
  • Seat Backs and Covers: Combining comfort with the necessary strength.
  • Interior Bezels and Covers: Providing a high-quality look and feel.
  • Exterior Body Panels: Such as bumpers and grilles, for their impact resistance and paintability.
  • Interior Panels and Trims: Offering a superior finish and toughness.
  • Headlamp Housings: For their clarity, heat resistance, and impact durability.
  • Mirror Housings: Combining lightweight with resistance to weathering.
  • Protective Covers: For electronic systems, ensuring durability.
  • Door Panels and Pillar Trims: Providing strength, aesthetics, and ease of processing.
  • Exterior Mirror Components: For their durability and resistance to chemicals and impact.
  • Wheel Covers and Trim Parts: Offering resistance to impact and harsh weather conditions.
  • Headlight Bezels: For their heat resistance and surface quality.
  • Under-hood Connectors and Housings: Where heat resistance is critical.
  • Fuel System Components: Providing chemical resistance and durability.
  • Fog Lamp Housings: Due to their excellent balance of properties under outdoor exposure.
  • Fuel System Components: Such as valves and fuel caps, for their chemical resistance and precision.
  • Engine Covers: Providing durability and resistance to engine fluids.
  • Gear Wheels and Bearings: For their low friction and high wear resistance.
  • Door Lock Mechanisms: Offering strength and smooth operation.
  • Fasteners and Clips: Due to their toughness and ease of use.
  • Window Lift Gears: For their strength and reliable performance.
  • Electrical Connectors and Sensor Housings: For their excellent electrical insulation and heat resistance.
  • Under-hood Components: Including junction boxes and coil forms, where heat resistance is needed.
  • Headlamp Housings: Providing resistance to high temperatures and impact.
  • Control Knobs: For their dimensional stability and aesthetic finish.
  • Fuel Injector Parts: Due to their chemical resistance and durability.
  • Switches and Relays: Offering reliability in electrical applications.
  • Under-hood Electrical Components: For their high heat resistance and dimensional stability.
  • Battery Housings and Components: Providing safety and durability.
  • HVAC Housing and Components: For their resistance to heat and low moisture absorption.
  • Fluid Handling Systems: Valves and pumps that require chemical resistance and stability.
  • Electrical Insulators: Due to their excellent electrical properties.
  • Structural Components: In areas requiring lightweight materials with high mechanical strength.

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Drive innovation in your automotive projects with Kasha Industries. Contact us for advanced plastic solutions tailored to the automotive industry.