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Consumer Goods

Kasha Industries is at the forefront of providing high-quality plastic solutions for the consumer goods sector. Our products are designed to enhance the durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of a wide range of consumer items.

Plastic Solutions for Consumer Goods

Featured Services for Consumer Goods

Featured Plastic Products for Consumer Goods

High-Quality Plastic Resins for Custom Applications

  • Electronics Casings: For items like smartphones, laptops, and televisions due to its impact resistance and good surface finish.
  • Kitchen Appliances: Such as blender bodies, coffee machine casings, and microwave door handles for their durability and heat resistance.
  • Toys: Including Lego bricks and other durable toys that require strength and safety.
  • Sporting Goods: Helmets, protective gear, and other equipment for their toughness and lightweight.
  • Garden Tools: Handles and casings for durability and resistance to outdoor conditions.
  • Automotive Interior Components: Dashboard components and trim for their aesthetic appeal and durability.
  • Disposable Utensils: For their rigidity and cost-effectiveness.
  • CD and DVD Cases: Due to their clarity, rigidity, and impact resistance.
  • Food Packaging: Containers and clamshell packaging for their lightweight and cost-effective properties.
  • Picture Frames: For their ease of molding and smooth surface finish.
  • Office Supplies: Like pen housings and desktop accessories for their rigidity.
  • Cosmetic Packaging: Containers and cases for their clarity and glossy finish.
  • Reusable Drinkware: Cups and glasses that require clarity and chemical resistance.
  • Food Storage Containers: For their clarity, rigidity, and resistance to fats and oils.
  • Cosmetic Containers: Due to their transparency and higher chemical resistance than PS.
  • Medical Devices: For components requiring transparency and durability.
  • Kitchen Utensils: Handles and knobs that need to withstand heat and dishwasher use.
  • Refrigerator Components: Drawers and shelves for their strength and clarity.
  • Flexible Grips: For tools, bicycles, and household items due to their soft touch and non-slip properties.
  • Seals and Gaskets: In appliances for their flexibility and sealing properties.
  • Protective Cases: For electronics, providing shock absorption and a soft feel.
  • Sporting Goods: Such as mouthguards and swim fins for their comfort and flexibility.
  • Toys: Soft, chewable toys or components for safety and durability.
  • Footwear: Soles and insoles for their cushioning properties and comfort.
  • High Heat Resistant Household Items: Such as handles and components for pots, kettles, and hairdryers that require thermal stability.
  • Electrical Components: For their high heat resistance and electrical insulating properties.
  • Automotive Parts: Under-hood components and connectors requiring heat resistance.
  • Medical Devices: Equipment and housings that must withstand sterilization and thermal stress.
  • Water Filtration Systems: Components requiring chemical and thermal resistance.
  • Appliance Components: Parts that are exposed to high temperatures during operation.

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Elevate your consumer goods with Kasha Industries’ advanced plastics. Contact us for materials that combine quality, aesthetics, and functionality.