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Educational & Institutional Supplies

Kasha Industries is a leading provider of durable and safe plastic materials for educational and institutional supplies. Our products are tailored to enrich educational environments and institutional settings with functional, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting materials.

Plastic Solutions for Educational & Institutional Supplies

Featured Services for Educational & Institutional Supplies

Featured Plastic Products for Educational & Institutional Supplies

High-Quality Plastic Resins for Custom Applications

  • Educational Models: Lightweight models for geography, biology, and other subjects.
  • Disposable Lab Ware: Petri dishes, test tubes, and other single-use lab items.
  • Craft Supplies: Foam boards and sheets for arts and crafts projects.
  • Protective Packaging: For safely shipping educational materials and equipment.
  • Stationery: Rulers, protractors, and other precision tools for classroom use.
  • Storage Containers: For organizing classroom supplies and materials.
  • Educational Robotics Kits: Durable components for STEM education programs.
  • Laboratory Equipment: Housings for lab instruments that require toughness and chemical resistance.
  • Educational Tools: Rulers, compasses, and mechanical parts for educational devices.
  • Safety Equipment: Protective casings for safety gear used in school labs.
  • Furniture Components: Durable parts for chairs, desks, and other institutional furniture.
  • Playground Equipment: For outdoor educational toys and structures, offering durability and safety.
  • Protective Covers: For documents, displays, and interactive screens to prevent damage.
  • Demonstration Models: Clear models for scientific and engineering education.
  • Safety Glasses: For lab and shop classes, providing high impact resistance.
  • Overhead Projector Lenses: Due to its clarity and high-temperature resistance.
  • Architectural Models: For educational purposes in design and architecture courses.
  • Viewing Panels: For aquariums, terrariums, and other observational tools in classrooms.
  • Visual Aid Materials: Overhead projector films and clear display cases.
  • Art and Design Supplies: Sheets and blocks for sculpting or model-making.
  • Protective Barriers: Sneeze guards and partitions for classroom safety.
  • Signage: Durable, clear signage for classrooms and institutional facilities.
  • Lighting Fixtures: Diffusers and covers for educational spaces.
  • Educational Displays: For showcasing artwork, projects, and informational displays.
  • Educational Machinery Components: Gears and parts for equipment used in technical training.
  • Electrical Insulation Parts: For educational kits and experiments involving electricity.
  • High-Temperature Laboratory Equipment: Containers and tools that can withstand heat.
  • Computer and Electronics Housings: For educational technology that requires durability.
  • Mechanical Models: Parts and components for physics and engineering demonstrations.
  • Scientific Instrument Components: For precision and durability in classroom labs.
  • Advanced Educational Equipment: Housings and components for scientific research and education.
  • Thermal Insulation: For teaching about thermal dynamics and insulation properties.
  • Durable Furniture Parts: Especially in areas exposed to high use or environmental stress.
  • Laboratory Device Casings: Offering resistance to chemicals and heat.
  • Educational Tool Handles: For safety and durability in hands-on learning environments.
  • Protective Enclosures: For outdoor educational equipment, ensuring longevity and resistance to elements.

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Transform educational and institutional spaces with Kasha Industries’ specialized plastics. Contact us for high-quality, safe, and durable material solutions.